Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Woes of a New Author in the Digital World

I returned home this past Sunday evening from the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC, my head filled with ideas on how I really could become the next best seller author if I worked hard at it. My brain held ideas of grandeur that came from the big pitch to the agents on Saturday. I had such positive results and encouragement, that I wondered if my head would fit through the front door of my home in Fairfax, Virginia.

I couldn’t wait to sit down at my computer and start my Twitter account, update my web page, update my blog and Facebook. They informed us we need to be noticed, we need to have an online presence. I could do that, right? I use a computer daily!

There I sat, at the computer, working hard to get that right name for Twitter. Drats, why did I cancel my first Twitter account? I lost the best name, now I will have to fool with a new one. That takes time. Okay, got it, now… (@davisjaneh) Now, how the heck do I get people to follow me? I just thought I would set up the account, boom, and everyone would be there and want to connect to me. Hmmm… I guess it doesn’t work that way, it’s harder than I thought! Thanks to a new friend from the conference, Christine, (@thatgalkiki) she informed her friends that I was new and asked them to connect with me. Voila, it worked!

Now, what do I have to say that is important and interesting and inviting? What would all of my new found friends be expecting of me? I will just watch what they write and learn. The tweets were flying on my screen, and as soon as I finished reading one, five new ones came in! Give me a break. How the heck do I figure this out? I am feeling like a geezer, no way am I going to handle this! Other people do this and are older than me; I can handle this, right?

My eyes were feeling tired and I couldn't wait to take out my contacts. I started yawning and then glanced at the clock, it was after midnight! What happened to my web page and my blog and Facebook? Where the heck had the time gone? I had to say goodnight to my computer friends and get to bed, as five in the morning would come all too soon for getting ready for work!

As I placed my head on the pillow, tweets started flying across the screen in my mind as if I were downstairs sitting in my comfy chair staring at the monitor. Should I grab my iPhone and see if I have another new connection? Oh no, it was happening… I was becoming a tweetaholic!


  1. I know, right! that's how it works...1 tweet is too many 1,000 are not enough. Good Luck on your journey I am honored to be part of it.

  2. You are venturing into a brave new world, dear intrepid Jane. Like Monica, I am honored to be part of your journey -- and excited for you, too!